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About us, how do we give confidence?

Trust cannot be provided by one person, but requires the critical scrutiny of several stakeholders and experts. Only if you, as our client, your employees and our experts agree, can there be a sound basis for a certificate.

Noordbeek Certification always uses teams, consisting of a senior with the title Register IT Auditor (RE), and one or more experienced IT auditors. They prepare the pre-audit report with the GAP analysis and, after you have mitigated the GAPs, the report on the certification audit. This goes to the Certification Committee of Noordbeek Certification, consisting of three experienced senior experts, who are not involved in the audits themselves. They are advised by the quality controller and take a decision for certification based on the advice, the investigation file and the report.

On the side of Noordbeek Certification, at least six experts are involved in the decision making in this way, and on your side the principal and your employees who review our draft reports.

Certification Committee

Decisions about issuing, renewing, suspending and revoking certificates are taken by:

prof. Ronald Paans PhD RE (former KPMG partner)

Jeroen Biekart MSc RE RA (former EY partner)

Nico Babbeko LLM (former MT member of the Inspectorate SZW) 


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