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The internationally recognized standard ISO/IEC 27701: 2013 for privacy protection has been drawn up by the ‘International Organization for Standardization’ (ISO). The ISO 27701 certificate is proof that your organization has taken the necessary precautions to protect personal data against unauthorized access and processing. It thus offers confidence to your customers and users.

We have many years of experience in performing audits for privacy protection. When assessing your organization, we look at the implemented measures, taking into account the type and size of your organization.

If it turns out that not all relevant parts of the standard are yet being complied with, we recommend measures in our stage 1 audit report, so that you can still improve the security level in the relevant parts. This takes into account on the one hand the security of your IT environment and on the other hand the costs of achieving this.

After our stage 2 certification audit, our Certification Committee can decide to issue you the certificate, which you can share with your customers or publish publicly on your website.


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