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Complaint and Appeal Procedure of Noordbeek Certification

A complaint or appeal

A person or organization can appeal if it wishes to request Noordbeek Certification to reconsider a decision taken by Noordbeek Certification with regard to a conformity assessment. This may relate to:

  • Certification (of the client following an initial audit);
  • Renewal (of the certificate following a recertification audit);
  • Refusal (from certification);
  • Approval of scope (following a request from a certified customer to expand or reduce the scope of certification);
  • Withdrawal (of a certificate);
  • Suspension (of a certificate);
  • Recovery (of a certificate after suspension).

A person or organization can submit a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction, other than an appeal, to Noordbeek Certification with regard to the activities of Noordbeek Certification or its employees, to which a response is expected.

Submit a complaint or request for appeal

To submit the complaint or request for appeal, the Complaint + Appeal Form can be com-pleted on this page, which is sent to the Office & Compliance Manager of Noordbeek Certification.

A copy of this form will be sent to the complainant or petitioner at the email address indicated. A confirmation of receipt will also be sent within 5 working days.
You can download the complaints and appeal procedure of Noordbeek Certification here.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If unfortunately this is not the case, we ask you kindly to contact us so we can work on a solution.

Complaints + Appeal form

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